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Online Psychotherapy in Portuguese:

Dear Brazilian speakers, for some years I have been attending analysands who have gone to other countries, or states; usually on work, sometimes they stay, stay a few months or weeks. Thanks to technology, personal development is not interrupted. So, I decided to write this article: Online Psychotherapy in Portuguese.

Different culture:
social relationship


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Reasons that led to other countries:
Profession, usually T.I. and G.P.
Accompany the spouse, usually the husband.

Psychotherapy in Portuguese Virtual:
If annoyed with the country but not wanting to go back –

Why is sometimes in doubt/anguish:
Country infrastructure.
Civilized culture, better access to the arts in general.
Better financial conditions, acquisition of goods.

Fear of not having citizenship yet –
Residence and renewal visa, illegality, etc.:
I see that despite these insecurities, people ultimately choose to take the risk.

In the end, putting the pros and cons on a scale:
It usually prevails positively to continue, even with so many complaints. It’s a serious thing to see, what a deal you can make with yourself.


My Psychotherapy proposal –

Psychotherapy in Portuguese Virtual:
Self-knowledge, maturation and personality development.

Thus, through self-knowledge, we will understand and draw more conscious proposals for you to make mature choices. What is related to their difficulties, their origin and other points in life that influenced their growth / behavior; its facilities (qualities) and its current situation: professional, emotional, psychological health and others. So we will have a global sense of how you are and how psychotherapy will provide you with strengthening.

In a confident and comfortable relationship, as a result you will be more willing to be taken care of and I will also be able to better help you in your personal empowerment. This will be according to your therapy preferences, which you see most sense in, such as: maturation psychotherapy and/or CBT behavioral therapy.



Bacelart Psychologist Experience USP Online & Face-to-face.

Approach – depending on the analysand (patient): Maturity Psychoanalyst (Winnicott) – Positive Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TCC-P) – or Existential Phenomenology   (the senses of existing).

However, if necessary, guidance in brief focal therapy.

Specializing in depression, anxiety/panic. Professional and Personal Development, Marriage and Dating.

Guest listening student, PhD at USP (Gilberto Safra) and PUCSP (Zeljko Loparic), for 8 years, from 1997 to 2003.

Office Av. Paulista 2001 São Paulo, Brazil.



Interview for TV, radio, magazine and newspaper.

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Hope this helps!

Online Psychotherapy in Portuguese

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