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How to deal with a job you do not like.

Personal empowerment to help you deal with life’s adversities.

How to deal with a job you do not like: The more mature or evolved the individual is, the better it will be to face the situation and learn how to deal with a job you do not like.  This is the basics we seek in a psychotherapy or coaching process: How to deal with a job you do not like.

This text was written based on my own clinic experience.  Here we will focus on specific aspects of your personality that can be developed so you can handle this moment at your job in a less painful way, until you find another one.


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How to deal with a job you do not like.

This is a great opportunity for you to practice resilience, patience and acceptance.

These aspects will make you stronger and wiser, and can also be used in your next work and many other situations in your life.  Take a look at the definition of the word “resilience” in Oxford Dictionary:  1) the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. 2) The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. That reminds of the old bamboo story, during a strong wind tire a bamboo may bend but it doesn’t break; and when the wind is gone, it remains still, in its original position (flexibility), white a tree may fall (stiffnes).

Once you are facing a problem whose solution is not quick, and being in a job you don’t like is frustrating; you may still learn from it, being is as bad as it may be. It’s necessary to dig deep.  It is possible, even among so many bad things, to be able to find something a little interesting, that can be used in your life forever.  It may sound absurd, but take a look at these situations: 1) The person in charge of the kitchen area can show you some interesting mixes to prepare different kinds of tea; 2) The company CEO, although being authoritarian, is creative and can antecipate some market movements, and it’s a benchmark for you.  4) A Co-worker likes you and makes you smile, you like the decoration, etc.


Even though, it’s not enough for you? Your job is mechanical and repetitive?

It can be said that, in a “romantic/Pollyanna” way, drinking coffee is a “miracle” of life, it depends on life; health, the possibility for the coffee to exist, the grinding, the potable water, the cup, etc. Having all of these at your disposal, and making use of them at your job, is valuable.  It is interesting to “begin the nows”…. To soothe the suffering, you could stop for a second and observe the sky, plan your weekend, observe how you feel in different situations, better understand what you want to develop in yourself.  What will you do with the free 30 or 40 minutes you always have at night, the same old?


How to deal with a job you do not like.

Personal Development:

As previously mentioned regarding maturity and resilience, the basic key to face this moment is how well your personality can deal with: 1) Hardship; 2) Broken dreams and; 3) Frustrations.  For example, if you are anxious, you will feel like getting out of this situation as soon as possible, time will take long to pass, if you are used to loking at the negative aspects of your existence, this moment may become darker…

Well, I hope it doesn’t take long for you to retire or change jobs. What I would like to say, according to what I see happening from time to time; is that people have expectations that the next job will be better in many aspects. It´s important to ponder whether this dream is really possible to achieve.

It’s necessary, through self-knowledge, to reasonably set your priorities in order to make the right choice, one that is closer to what you really want, what you really are, and what is achievable.

Your choice: Considering you are still in a job you don’t like, and another one could please you more; but you don’t leave it because you could make 30% less. or leave the public service, or either lower your current position, remember that you are the one who chose to be in this place, thinking that the other available options  would be worse for you, and try to comfort yourself, because at least, you had the power of choice and decided to continue.


Social-Professional relationships, or Networking

This is something that you could develop little by little, and it can also be used in another job; or at least be open to find out what is best in each one, and in this exchange, time flows better, and you may build a good friendship. Building relationships with people can always bring something new, especially good emotions.

This is difficult, but rewarding: How to deal with a job you do not like; and another things in our life is necessary for a better existence.


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How to deal with a job you do not like

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